Eric White

I am a Red Sealed Journeyman Refrigeration Mechanic by trade; presently I am involved in customer sales and consulting here at LSM Service Division Ltd. I started with the company back in 1994. At that point I had more than 10 years previous experience in the equipment maintenance industry and of those, approximately five with a company called Johnson Controls.

When I started here the company was named GP Heating and Cooling and had a field staff of three with no office staff – we were a part of Lee’s Sheet Metal. The company grew, soon we could justify our own secretary and it has not stopped growing to this day. A vacancy in the manager position opened up in around 1999/2000, I was asked to fill this position and did so until 2007. Within that period of time we had a name change to LSM Service Division. In 2007 the company split from Lee’s Sheet Metal and became its own entity: LSM Service Division Ltd. at which time I became a shareholder in the company. At that time my position changed to Sales Manager.

I have had 90+% job satisfaction with this company and honestly do not believe I would have been here for 20+ years if it were not for the culture of the company with regards to the customer. I would recommend this company to anybody looking for work or looking for work to get done.